Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration

Water causes damage by seeping into walls, furniture and other objects causing permeant damage and discoloration. Most water damage is a result of plumbing failure. It is important to call the professionals within 48 hours of the initial leak to minimize damage. Water damage can be caused by: Broken Pipes, Roof Leakage, Tub Overflow, Sink Overflow, Toilet Overflow, Sewer Backup, Sump Pump Failure, Water Heater Breakage, and Ground Water Seepage.

Xtreme Cleaning & Restoration works with your insurance company to create an affordable restoration plan for your home. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment to quickly dry your home, remove warped boards, and replace damaged drywall.

What you should do after Water Damage…

  • Turn off the water main or shut off the water source causing the flooding.
  • Call the professionals!
  • Turn the electrical breaker off to the effected area.
  • Move things like books, newspaper, potted plants, etc. that might stain the flooring.
  • Pin up or remove curtains and upholstered furniture.
  • Put plastic or tin foil under the legs of tables, chairs, book cases, etc. that could soak up water.

What you should NOT do after Water Damage…

  • Just open the windows and call it good. Water will continue to seep and soak into your home until it evaporates, which may take months, and this could cause much more damage and cost more to repair then had you called a professional right away.
  • Use carpet drying fans alone. The carpet is not the only thing that has been saturated, the structure of your home has also been effected.